Welcome to the Davenport Radio/Control Society

We are VERY excited to be in communication with the owner and lease holder for a new
potential flying site.  This one has a lot of potential and could put us back in business.
We appreciate your patience during this transition period and encourage all to please
maintain their club membership.  We are working diligently to establish a new field that
should allow those with larger aircraft to be comfortable with the new field.


  2020 Events

 Jan 13
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Librar
 Jan 26
 R/C Auction & Swao, West Bend, WI
 Jan 31
 DRCS Dues are due
 Feb 1
 Iowa City Aerohawks Swap Meet
 Feb 10
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Feb 15
 15th Annual Swap Meet, St Charles, IL
 Mar 9
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Apr 3-5
 Weak Signals RC Show, Toledo, OH
 Apr 13
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library

 May 11
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library

 Jun 8
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Jun 13-14
 Dave Goerne Memorial Fun Fly Streator, IL

 Jul 13
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library



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Weather conditions 
 at Norman Frye Memorial field