Welcome to the Davenport Radio/Control Society

In the last couple of years, our numbers have shrunk a bit. I understand
why, we had no field for a while, and then, the field we were able to procure is
less than optimal, particularly for large sale aircraft. Well, we have some good
news that, hopefully, will convince some to re-join our ranks. We have secured
permission to fly off an additional field which is just a few miles north of the
TBK "Bett Plex". The field is on private property and basically is a 2000 foot
grass strip designed for full sale aircraft. There are some details to work out,
but clearly, this would be much more conducive to large sale aircraft operations.
There will be some cost to the club, but it will be considerably less than what
we were paying for dust abatement at Frye Field. That said, we do have fewer
members so we need to try to swell our ranks. As this field becomes usable, I
am sure that we can attract more of our former members to re-join. Please, if
you know anybody who has not "re-upped", please try to convince them to do so!!
More details on the additional field as they become available.


  2020 Events
 Feb 1
 Iowa City Aerohawks Swap Meet
 Feb 10
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Feb 15
 15th Annual Swap Meet, St Charles, IL
 Mar 9
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Apr 3-5
 Weak Signals RC Show, Toledo, OH
 Apr 13
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Apr 25
 Rock Valley R/C Flyers Swap Shop, Pecatonica, IL
 May 11
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library

 Jun 8
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Jun 13-14
 Dave Goerne Memorial Fun Fly Streator, IL
 Jun 12-13
 Mike Gretz Memorial RC Fly-In, Montezuma, IA
 Jun 19-20
 Mike Gretz Control Line Fun Fly, Montezuma, IA
 Jun 26-28
 RC Flight Fest 200, Erie, IL
 Jul 12
 Iowa City Aerohawks Air Show, Iowa City, IA
 Jul 13
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library

 Aug 8
 Fly Iowa, Ames Airport, Ames, IA
 Aug 10
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Sep 14
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Sep 25-27
 Fall Scramble Warbirds & Classics, Streator, IL
 Oct 12
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Nov 9
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library
 Dec 14
 DRCS Meeting, Eastern Library


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