Membership in the Davenport R/C Society is available to anyone upon payment of annual dues, an initiation fee and assessments, if any. A membership application is available here in PDF format. This form can be downloaded and filled out, then forwarded with the applicable fees to our club treasurer at the following address:

Dirk Oosting
3517 Volquardson
Davenport, IA 52722

Prospective members must be knowledgeable of the field rules prior to signing the membership application. Field rules are available for review

The following provisions, from our club Constitution provide fees and other requirements for club membership.

     All members must be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). An associate member is a person who has insured membership in another nationally recognized radio control model club or society, and who also desires membership in the Davenport Radio Control Society.

  • Senior members shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older and possess a current AMA membership.

  • Junior members shall be seventeen (17) years of age or younger and must possess a current AMA membership.

  • Associate members can be junior or senior members and must show proof of liability insurance in another nationally recognized radio control model club or society.

  • Dues will be assessed as follows: senior and senior associate members thirty dollars ($30.00); junior and junior associate members, ten dollars ($10.00). A fifteen dollar ($15.00) initiation fee will be charged to all new senior and senior associate members in addition to the regular scheduled dues rate.

     Dues are due no later than the January meeting. Advance notice of the January meeting and a dues statement will be sent to all members in December of each year. Members will be delinquent in their dues if not paid by January 30, and shall lose their club privileges until the dues are paid along with the new member initiation fee. A member may terminate his or her active membership for valid reasons by notifying the Executive Board in writing. The Board will then decide and pass on the validity of the request. Should the Board favor such a request, the member will be able to rejoin at a later date without paying the additional initiation fee. Should a person enroll in the society after June 30 of any year, the dues will be reduced 50% for the remainder of the year.

     Special assessments may be required from time to time to finance special club projects, which benefit all club activities. This assessment will be considered for capitol improvement projects only. To be approved it will require two thirds (2/3) of the members voting at a regular scheduled meeting. It shall be announced in the minutes of a regular scheduled meeting as to purpose, duration, and conditions. If approved it shall be published in the clubs publication and voted on at the next regular scheduled meeting as prescribed above.