Welcome to the Davenport Radio/Control Society

NOTICE: The May meeting has been cancelled due to inclement weather, we do not have an indoor facility available this month.

Plan now to attend the DRCS Scale Fly-In, June 23rd at Frye Memorial Field.


  2018 Events

May 12 - 19
 Joe Nall Week
May 14
 DRCS Meeting Frye Field
Jun 1 - 3
 Horizon Fest, Eli Field, Monticello, IL
Jun 2
 Iowa City Aerohawks Float Fly, Riverside Casino
Jun 8-10
 Mike Gretz Memorial RC Fly In, Montezuma, IA
Jun 10
 Dave Goerne Memorial Fun Fly, Streator, IL
Jun 11
 DRCS Meeting Frye Field
Jun 16
 SSC Combat over Iowa, New Hartford, IA
Jun 16-17
 If It Flies/Swap Shop, Rockford, IL
Jun 23
 DRCS Fun Scale Fly In Frye Field
Jul 7
 Iowa City Aerohawks Float Fly, Riverside Casino
Jul 7
 Warbirds on the Warpath, Chillicothe, IL
Jul 8
 Warbirds for Warriors, Erie Air Park, IL
Jul 9
 DRCS Meeting Frye Field
Jul 14-15
 Electric Fun Fly, Cedar Rapids, IA
Jul 21-22
 Warbirds Over Iowa, Marion, IA
Aug 11-12
 All Electric & Night Fly, Rockford, IL
Aug 11
 Carousel of Cubs, St. Charles, IL
Aug 11
 Warbirds over Route 66, Elmwood, IL
Aug 13
 DRCS Meeting Frye Field
Aug 18-19
 Pattern Championships, Marion, IA
Aug 19
 Iowa Aerohawks Air Show, Iowa City Field
Aug 25-26
 Barnstormers Over Champaign, Champaign, IL
Sep 8
 Iowa City Aerohawks Float Fly, Riverside Casino
Sep 10
 DRCS Meeting Frye Field
Sep 15-16
 Duel At Davenport Frye Field
Sep 15
 Rock Valley Warbird & Classics, Rockford, IL
 Big Bird Fly In, Pekin, IL
Sep 21-23
 Children's Cancer Fly In , Erie Field
Oct 8
 DRCS Meeting Frye Field / Eastern Ave Library
Nov 12
 DRCS Meeting Eastern Ave Library
Dec 10
 DRCS Meeting Eastern Ave Library


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Weather conditions 
 at Norman Frye Memorial field